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Body Smarts

  • STARTMar 22nd - 9:00am

  • ENDMar 22nd - 10:00am


Change your life by changing your outlook on food.

No pills, quick fixes, magic coffees. Just whole natural foods in the right quantities at the right times for you. 

Mamas who have done this program have had amazing results including:

*More energy
*Weight loss
*Inches lost
*Improved sleep
*More patience (!)


They 12 week program includes:
*Weekly nutrition and fitness rules and challenges
*Group support and access to a Registered Dietician
*Shared recipes and meal ideas


As a group, we meet once a week for an hour session and then you can add on Hot Mama classes to your package, if you want to ramp up your fitness game! 

This program is safe for pregnancy or nursing Mamas, Mamas who are vegetarian/vegan or who have with allergies or intolerances 

You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to get off the dieting rollercoaster for good! 

Please message me with any questions

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